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Team Building Workshop catalogue for 2024/2025

Why should we do team building?

Because you are a team!
To make sure each skill, attribute and trait your agency posses are utilized to it's fullest. They must align and play together.  

Successful team building?

Teams must work to develop goals, roles and procedures. What is our capability. How do we cooperate. How do we coordinate. How do we communicate. What is te agency's silent learning. How do we help each other and how does our  surroundings affect us?

Successful team building makes everyone a better version of themself.

Great teams outproduces their competitors with 20-30% sales yearly on average.

Our workshop's; a play by play

  1. Map out goals and financial ambitions
  2. Prepare participants for the workshop  
  3. Set goals for the workshop
  4. Work trough every subject, develop best case and practice 
  5. Set up action points and delegate responsibility

Cecilie Madland
Workshop Coach

Get in touch now and Cecilie will customize a workshop for you.

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