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Coaching as a terminology refers to a method of training, counseling or instructing an individual or a group how to develop skills to enhance their productivity or overcome a performance problem.The supervisor is called a coach while the learner is called the coache.
According to Arvid, the main purpose of the L&F CG coaching program is to maximize performance by helping our clients reach their peak potential.
The main purpose of our coaching involves developing leadership, creating self-discipline, building a self-belief system, creating motivation, and improving self-awareness
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At L&F CG we we offer the following type of coaching programs
  • Traditional One-on-one Coaching. Where a coach and coachee are matched, either through a program or on their own
  • Group coaching. A single coach is matched with a cohort of coachees.

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There is always a next stepp to take in your career as a real estate agent. And your services are highly sought after. Let our experienced mentors help you trough doors and glass ceilings suited for your exceptional skill sett? 
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