Corporate Consulting

Resource management

Making the most of the resources at your disposal is a prerequisite to succeed as a principal in a real estate agency.
Manage your employees in such a way they reach their full potential. Manage a successful recruitment and onboarding process for future talent. Manage leads, prospects, buyers, sellers and stakeholders.
Managing  partners, vendors and suppliers. Manage and develop a competitive technology stack. And manage your agency's renomme.   

Information management

"Information is power and power is money." It is a famous quote from an unknown source.
While your resources are a known variabel. There are other variables who will affect the probability of your agency's success. The needs and wants from your market and what your competitor do to meet those needs and wants. For you to develop a a doable growth strategy, a smart marketing plan and probable sales budget without the latter information, is difficult. 

Strategy development

How to grow and outsmart your competitors by maximizing the output from your resources and marketing. Sett short and long term goals and and explain how you can reach these goals utilizing and developing your resources to meet your markets needs and wants. And explain how you will outsmart your competitors. 
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Management and administration

A strategy must be broken down into recipes. Recipes for every role, routine, process and activity. Done right, this game plan is the first step on the way to the agency's goals. This is the administrative part of management.
The leadership part of management is to make changes when needed and to make sure the ship steer towards the port the ship set out for. Or in other word an agency's short and long term goals.     

Management consulting

We have the necessary training and development facilities for roles, processes, routines and activities. We can provide the necessary recruitment and onboarding processes. We can do market and competitor analysis and assessments. We can do internal resource assessments. We can develop the necessary strategies. And we can assist and support the management team  

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We have a keynote, it takes about 15 - 20 minutes. More if you have questions. 
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Arvid M. Lyngnes
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We have a keynote, it takes about 15 - 20 minutes. More if you have questions.
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