Real Estate Sales

Franchise & Agency program

Advance your company

For Estate Agents and Service Professionals

Build your franchise or agency with L&F Learning
L&F Learning
  • Employer branding
  • Realtor development programs
  • Organizational development
  • CRM, CMS and CDM systems
  • Market assessment and development 
  • Routines, processes and playbooks 
  • Recruitment and teambuilding
  • Develop uniqe sales channals
  • Brand assessment and development

Develop a sales pipeline for your company

For Developers and Real Estate professionals 

Sell your property with L&F Learning
L&F Learning
  • CRM, CMS and sales systems
  • Education, training and personell development
  • Digital presence for your property 
  • Legal aid and estate agents
  • Content development package 
  • Consumer financing
Do it yourself?

For Homeowners

Sell your own propery home with L&F Learning
L&F Learning
  • Legal aid and estate agents
  • Access to our marketing and sales channels
  • Systems to market your property
  • Recipts and instrcutions on how to do a best practicse sale
  • Guide for content development
  • Help desk 
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