You wan't to be great? Just do it!

Arvid Madland Lyngnes


The feeling of discomfort is the greatest gate keeper keeping you from reaching your goals. Discomfort is a feeling that prevent us from doing stuff we need to do. Conflicts, cold calling, reaching out, setting up presentations, writing emails... The list just gos on and on. 

However the thing is that in most cases, the discomfort is related to the process or tasks leading up to what you need to do. Not the work in itself.

Your mind and body is structured in such a way that anything you do a couple of times, soon gets into your comfort zone. Hence your discomfort is related to the transition leading up to what you need to do, and not the job in itself.  


Imagine sitting in a warm and southing bath. Sitting in such a bath is comfortable. Now imagine you that a part of the bathing experience is finishing it with 5 minutes in an ice bath.

Dragging our leggs, imagine how cold and uncomfortable it will be. The process of walking out from the warm bath and getting into the freezing cold bath. This is the transition. The mind game we play with ourself putting of the step one and getting out of the warm bath.


The thing about comfort is that it relies on association. Your mind and your body is more than capable to handle almost any task, work or experiences. The process making something comfortable is almost always related to repeating and mastering.

Thus if we can force the transition, we can put every aspect, task, process or subject related to real estate sales into our comfort zone. 

So if you want to be great, just do it!  

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