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Is of market sales more profitable?

If you could increase speed, reduce cost and up profits when selling your property. Would you do it? 
The correlation between how many that see and experience the listing and the actual selling price is not as clear and obvious as many agents or agencies like to believe.

“Every property has a set of perfect buyers. Buyers who will purchase any property that fits a defined description. A certain plot of land. An apartment building. Waterfront property. The list goes on and on ”  

Every property is perfect for someone 

No matter what type of real estate you are selling, there is one or more buyers who have your property as a must have estate. That means that any property can be sold off market as a whisper or pocket sale. And although MLS (multi listing services) are the preferred choice for most agents. Wouldn’t it be a smart call for developers, property owners or home sellers to choose an agent or agency that can offer a buyer, before the property goes public.
If for no other reason than to secure a sale? A fast sale that generates the necessary profits to a really happy buyer. 

Professional buyers loves off market real estate

New York 20% of all properties are sold off market. And in general it pays off for the seller, with homes sold above similar MLS listings.  If you go to Zillow, Trulia, finn, craigslist, Loopnet and the list just go on and on. There is nothing new or exciting on those feeds. Every property listed there, has been found and seen by every competitor. Pocket sales will feel much more exclusive, like one of a kind sales. Buyers know that this is where they will find the one of a kind opportunity. 

Sellers should embrace agents providing off market opportunities

Off market sales feels more like an exclusive opportunity, prompting higher bids, faster sales, happier clients and a smoother transaction. The majority of property developers have multiple projects simultaneously. Fast sales reduces short term development costs, frees up capital for other projects and cuts off potential future conflicts often experienced in long term buyer/seller negotiations.

One developers take on off market sales and opportunities

Izet Ismailovski is a relatively new property developer based in Norway, but like his colleagues in New York, Stockholm or Barcelona. Off market sales has become an absolute favorite. It's faster, in general a little cheaper and basically a way to free up capital for other projects, Izet explains while he casually drinks his coffee. Which in turn makes money cheaper since I can give my creditors better security in my projects. For us, off market sales, complements a good sales and marketing mix. As inn we want to do it all  

Having access to off market clients is essential for property developers and for high end listings for some obvious reasons.

1. First It makes development projects more profitable.
2. It reduces costs related to sales.
3. And it speeds up the transaction.

That's 3 easy wins for any seller.... 
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