Is Tesla 3 the perfect estate agent car?

Arvid Madland Lyngnes

Key information 


Starts at $ 46 000, significant lower than the $70 000 a BMW M3 or the Mercedes C300 will set you back


After 20 000 miles, the Tesla is more sustainable than  traditional cars with combustion engines


Although Tesla makes fancier options, like the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 is a luxury car
If you can drive a sustainable luxury car. A car which is faster, bigger and more efficient than any realistic competitor. A car that demonstrates that you are successful and that you care for your surroundings. Would you then go out and buy another car? 

Your clients want you to be successful. They want to have the best estate agent around. To have the best real estate agent for their sale. How you look greatly affects this perceptionThis does not translate to them wanting to fund your luxury lifestyle. They want you to have nice things, but not too nice. Too nice makes them feel they are overpaying. Your car caters to this belief.

So will the Tesla 3 work?

In the city - Now i have driven the Tesla 3 in two citys, one major, Barcelona and one minor Oslo. And It just works. There is one problem however and that is parking. In southern europa and major citys in Asia. The Tesla is to big to fit in parking houses. And in these citys, parking houses is your only option.

In the mountains - We drove the Tesla 3 to one open house in Sierra Nevada, a ski resort in Grenada in Andalucia in southern Spain. The AWD system is flawless and the engine delivers more than enough grunt for smal, steep mountain roads. 

In the country side - A modern luxury sedan is just the car you want when driving a long pristine roads. I drove the Tesla 3 from Barcelona to France, visiting several villas and fincas on the way. The car and its big electric engine was perfect for the high way and again the AWD system tok care of all the small bump roads.
Tesla has made a care which is close to perfect for estate agents. The car is environmental sustainable, it's affordable and gives off the vibe  you need. 
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